I am just an ordinary person.   I started this blog for myself, my son and my family.  I want to leave my family and friends something they can share with each other,  a look at the life I live, and perhaps understand me a little more.  I use it as a creative outlet for my writing and musings.  It is more of a diary than a blog.  I want my readers to read my stories in the hopes that it will inspire them to dream and imagine, to live, laugh, love, have courage and act on it,  be kind and generous to others.

I am a foodie and love champagne/wine.  I go on vacations in search for the places where locals eat,  try a high end restaurant, learn the culture, try new wines, be in it for the moment, to have memories that I can recall later when I need cheering up.  I try to live my dream life passionately.

I have lived and worked in several countries.  I have travelled to 48 countries and 413 cities.  I’ve lived in the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Korea, U.S.A.

My professional life is in Human Resources.  I am a trained as a business HR person.  My professional passion is in HR, specifically OD, Executive Coaching, Leadership and talent development, change management, culture.  I work with people of all levels. From this work and my personal adventures, experiences, I have learned some nuggets called wisdom.  My goal is to leave these learnings for my family and close friends in the hope that they can use it or learn from it.

Food, whether it is for eating or for my soul, sustains my being.  Food can be defined as I wish it to be defined.  Curiosity is food for my mind.

Wine is the complement, the chaser, the quench for the constant thirst.

Wisdom is what I derived from life’s adventures, travails, joy, sorrow and rebirth, meant to leave behind.

Always be true to yourself, have courage and act on it, be kind and generous.

Live life passionately and passionately live life! 


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  1. Carmen,

    I found your blog via Janell and Dan Payne(I am Janell’s husband) I see you have a passion for food and wine, we should share notes sometime…I am in the wine business, and was in the restaurant biz for over 20 years. I bet we could share some wine recommendations.


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