Japanese Boneless stuffed drumstick

(courtesy of my friend Haruko who shared recipe with me in Tokyo without any measurements! LOL but do not despair nieces, I tried measuring)

boneless drumsticks (2-6)

Sesame or olive oil

1 part sake (1/3 cup for 4-6 boneless drumsticks)

1 part mirin(1/3 cup)

1 part soy sauce (1/3 cup)

Sugar to sweeten

Any vegetable you want to use for stuffing.  I used green bean, carrot and dried shitake

Open the drumstick and stuff it with sliced veggie.  Place the veggie as neatly as you can on the meat.  Tie the meat together with cooking string.  I leave the skin on as it adds flavoring.

Brown the drumsticks in a small amount of oil.  I mix the sesame and olive oil, barely enough to cover the bottom of pan.

Meanwhile, mix the liquids together and add sugar to sweeten.  The sweet taste will depend on you so taste it and when it is to your liking then it is ready.

Put the stuffed drumsticks in a pot that is deep enough to hold everything.  Pour the liquid over chicken, cover with lid and simmer for 30-40 minutes.

Japanese boneless stuffed drumstick

When cooked, let it sit in the sauce for at least 30 minutes.  Take out and put on colander to drain and continue to cool.  It needs to be completely cooled at room temperature before you slice it,otherwise it will fall apart.  If you want, you can take the cooking liquid and boil it down to thick consistency and use to drizzle over the chicken.


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