Recipe for Dignity – a tribute

I wrote this ‘recipe for dignity’ to honor my parents, who are both deceased.  They lived a simple and very dignified life, and it’s how I am trying to live mine.  I have passed on the wisdom as best as I can to my son.

I have been engaged in a full-time job search for my next adventure.  This experience has led to much self-introspection, humility, and humiliation.  I re-learned to appreciate many things, but above all, I am grateful for the life lessons and wisdom that my parents, especially my mother, imparted upon me and my siblings.  It has come in handy throughout my search.

Why would I write about dignity?  It is because we don’t practice enough of it, evidenced by several individuals I have come across recently who have behaved abominably. My experiences remind me that each and every person I meet deserves to be treated with dignity, and that I role model dignity.

Hence, my parent’s recipe follows; they truly had their ingredients mixed correctly.

The Recipe

Begin with a foundation of integrity and honesty.

Throw several cups of respect, kindness, generosity.

Now add empathy and compassion.

Add listen to hear and be heard, to understand.

Blend in gratefulness and acceptance others differing gifts.

Mix altogether.

Be sure to throw love in.

Mix some more.

Then add plenty courage. and mix it all again.

It is starting to somewhat come together!

But something is still missing…it doesn’t quite look right.

So, let’s add a layer of give-back to the community and to others.

Top with help to those who are down.

Finally, frost it with Live Life Passionately and Passionately Live Life.

There – I think we have it.  Mix again. Savor the outcome.

Now, role model it for all to see/enjoy/whatever you want to do with the recipe idea.