Cambodia: Sunset at Bhaking Hill

My son and I decided to take a trip together.  He needed time away from work and stress and I was having withdrawal pains from not traveling.  Cambodia and Vietnam were on my bucket list so we decided why not.  After much consultation and emails with friends Ames and Marion on recommendations, started to plan.  I researched everything, even speaking to a few travel agents who promised me the world.  Although I explained to each one that I could not do a full day of walking or anything too adventurous, proposals came back the opposite of what I had asked.  Finally, after two weeks of not getting anywhere, decided to plan it myself.  (Job search was on hold.  I mean, really, why bother looking for a job when an adventure was waiting.  I could only focus on one thing and that feeding my need of travel).

We left from San Francisco on a gorgeous day heading for Singapore first to spend one night and early next day to Siem Reap.  We arrived in Singapore, dead tired after a very long flight.  I could barely walk off the plane.  I was in torturous pain.  My right leg was aching with stabbing pains.  The drive from airport to hotel was a complete blur.  Just wanted to get to the room and lie down to wake up to turning around for Siem Reap.

We departed Singapore without any problems.  I barely closed my eyes when we landed in Siem Reap.  Our driver picked us up on time.  So far so good.  It was not difficult at all to go through customs as I had arranged for visas in advance.  I arranged for drivers, tours online via email and prayed that everything will work out.  The drive from the airport to our hotel reminded us so much of the Philippines.  I felt almost like I was there instead of Cambodia.  It was so very hot and humid!

We stayed at the Le Meridien which is a beautiful hotel, with very friendly and courteous staff.  Best of all, very close to the ruins.

On our first day, we opted to do the sunset at Bhaking Hill, along with 300 other people!  Only 300 people were allowed at a time as there were renovations  and it was very small area. It was a very long and dusty walk.  Everyone was competing for the same spots, hoping that it would provide the perfect photo op.  It was very hot.  People were everywhere.  I found a spot to sit and people watch.  Large groups of tourists from China.  Finally the sun started to go down and cameras flashing everywhere.  Faster than the sun setting, people exited.  My son and I walked around a bit more, waiting for the sun to descend to the bowels of wherever it was going.  It was beautiful, different colors changing with each second.

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We walked around admiring the ruins, with sweet memories of a golden sunset.

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