Ruins of Angkor – Cambodia

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We had done Bhaking Hill already so the next few days, we visited several ruins, rode on an elephant, then on foot to the temple of the Leper King.  By 11 AM,  each day I was ready to faint from heat, humidity, exhaustion and pain.  I went back to the hotel whilst Abraham went to try local food and his own discoveries.  One afternoon we visited Ta Phrom.  This was our favorite…Tomb Raiders was filmed here.  The trees, roots were awesome.  The next day, we climbed to the top of the temple at Angkor Wat.  I was not going to climb those darn steep stairs but Abraham said, “Mom, look at those old ladies, they are going and if they can do it, so can you.”  I climbed, left leg in pain with the pinched nerve every 2 steps.  We did make it to the very top…a beautiful view.  Everyone who has visited Angkor Wat has described it as magnificent, beautiful.  I am in awe and wonder how the heck did they build these with these massive blocks of stone, precisely cut.  Abraham and I will always remember the ruins and the people of Siem Reap/Angkor.  Oh…those old ladies, they didn’t climb..they were just standing there!


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