Sake and Champagne Dinner

OK, I am finally getting around to remembering to post the recipes.  We had wasabi peas and mixed nuts with the tiny dried fish to wake up our palates. Dinner began with the usual ritual:  champagne.  We started with the 1990 Taittinger Collection which was still vibrant.  We followed that with the Rene Collard Ultime which is a very dry champagne but paired well with the food.  Then the Veuve Cliquot 1985 Rose, still holding well.  Concurrently opened the 2010 Rochioli Sauvingnon Blanc.  Gang was not into drinking champagne and sake that evening so we only opened the Kirin-Zan Kirin Mountain Junmai Dai-Ginjo sake.  This is ultra smooth, silky and went well wit the menu!  You can buy this at True Sake in San Francisco.  They have fantastic inventory and the people are very nice.  Gang preferred to quench with reds so we went through a 2004 Rochioli West Block, 1995 Chateau Montelena Estate cabernet, and a 2004 Parry Cellars. Our menu was garlic shrimp crostini, mango-avocado salad, miso skirt steak, stuffed, boneless drumstick, grilled asparagus with roasted sesame dressing, Nobu miso style salmon, Filipino style bbq pork skewers, yam and shitake mushroom rice, chocolate bouchon, lemon tart and matcha tea cake. See recipes tab.